Monday, April 24, 2017

There Are Answers to Prayers Everyday - Linstead, Jamaica

Hello everyone, 

It's me again. This week was good it rained everyday. So that sucked. Whenever it rains, nobody wants to see us. We are still trying to find new investigators. We caught the dog in our yard! Victory. haha We get fed sometimes by ward members. For breakfast people eat akee, boiled green banana, or yam and dumpling. We live with the bishop. The house is old, but it's pretty nice. We ride everywhere. Our area is huge. We ride long distances sometimes. My bike could fall apart soon. I'm not sure, its like a ticking time bomb. My shoes are good. I have never knocked on a door. You either yell inside or talk to people on the road. People sing in English just with different tunes and notes. We usually email in the church. there are answers to prayers everyday, just little things. 
I love you all,
Elder Davis

Giving Knuckles

We caught a dog! Victory!

I hope he washes those sheets.

The new dog

His computer screen

Brother Muschette and Me

Elder Johansen and Elder Davis

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