Monday, July 10, 2017

Engagement, Root Beer Candies, and Rasta Dudes - Linstead, Jamaica

Hello Every one, 
This week was good. Elder Poe (a missionary who served here a little while ago) got engaged, we were invited. So, I have a video of it. His family is really nice. I got your package from them. The stuff is awesome. I gave a few of the root beer candy out at church, and a lot of the Jamaicans don't like it.  Everyone here thinks the sunflower seeds are bird food. haha. Instead of mutual here we are starting this thing called Friday night activity. Where everyone is invited to come and play games or watch a movie or something along those lines. This week we played football. (soccer) I scored a goal, so that was fun. The tie in the package is dope. Thanks Elly. Everyone loves it. The dog in our yard, I think had puppies. We found two Rasta dudes this week. They are pretty cool, and it seems like they are searching for the truth. Over all a good week.
Love you all,
Elder Davis
My new tie from Elly and a mango

Brother Muschette taking pictures...

Holy bug!


Our dog that lives in the yard

Elder Poe (he's been home for a while)

(getting engaged)

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