Monday, July 17, 2017

Sickness and Guinness - Linstead, Jamaica

Hello Everyone, 
This week was good. I went on trade off with the zone leaders, and the ac in there car got me sick. I got some medicine, and I'm feeling better now. 
We have been working with a less active named Sandra. She came to church this week. So that was awesome. 
Today we went hiking with a member today. I forgot my camera, but I'm having the other elders send me pictures. 
O ya, last night was kind of crazy. We went to a member's house. She gave us some carrot juice. It tasted funny. Her son always jokes with us, and he said there is Guinness in it. We thought he was joking. Then the member started acting drunk. We asked her what was in the drink. She said it was carrots and milk stuff. After we asked the son if there was alcohol in it. He said there was. So, I might have been buzzed last night. haha We just headed home after that. 
That's how my week went
Love you all,
Elder Davis

Linstead Elders with Brother Muschette

Those shoes, though! 
Church Building in Linstead
Linstead, Spanish Town Train

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