Monday, April 11, 2016

Baptism and Dog Destroyer- Portmore, Jamaica

Hello everyone. 
I have a lot of pictures this week. On Friday, we were at the church when a crazy lady was outside yelling with a big rock. She was yelling how the white men brought demons into her house. Luckily, there were members there and she left. When we were heading home, we were racing the other elders.  I was behind my companion, and a dog came out to chase him. But i was coming directly behind him and was going too fast to turn. So, i just straight up ran the dogs head and arm over. Somehow i didn't fall off my bike. I looked back and the dogs arm was broken in at least 3 places. It ran away, but it was awesome. We call my bike the dog destroyer haha. On Sunday, DJ and Akeem got baptized. That was a cool experience. I baptized DJ and my comp baptized Akeem. They were both so excited. Akkeem asked me "Will i feel like this for ever?" I told him as long as he is righteous. He said, "so, forever". haha Yes! Today we hiked the blue mountain. That was awesome. We were up above the clouds. This week was pretty sweet. 
I love you all,
Elder Davis

I confirmed DJ in sacrament meeting.

We are going to FHE with their family. There are about 120 every sacrament meeting,but like 400 on record.

It is called the Dog Destroyer, like the Star Destroyer. haha I got a letter from grandma. I get letters from her like every week. 
DJ and Akkeem
DJ, Akkeem, and their mom
The whole family
Cool Building
On our way to Blue Mountain
View on the top of Blue Mountain
The view, though!
The jungle at Blue Mountain

Waterfall at Blue Mountain
Zone hike on Blue Mountain
My zone on Blue Mountain

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