Monday, April 25, 2016

Portmore, Jamaica - New Pants/ New Comp

Hello everyone,
It has been a good week. My comp is pretty cool. We met this guy, and we taught him about the priesthood. He said he has to tell everyone that we are the only church with the priesthood. I ripped one of my pants this week. I bent over to pet a dog and they just split. haha So I'm going to find someone to sew them up. It has been pretty hot this week. When we are riding our bikes, my comp stays behind and if a dog chases me he will ride up and kick it. We haven't got any yet. haha. DJ and Akeem keep coming out with us. They keep telling us that there house is boring, so they want to come with us. haha They are great. 
I love you all, 
Elder Davis

I am happy. We have zone conference this week so i should get some mail there. I hope Elly gets on project runway. The members here are awesome. 
Elder Davis and Elder Knight... looking serious

An Abandoned Hotel in my Zone

Crazy Jamaican Spider

I bought some new ties

My New Companion, Elder Knight

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  1. Your companion looks like Nate. Love your ties. Grundvigs are doing good. Amanda, Kayla, and Blake all had Birthdays this month. What a busy month for their family Birthdays. Amanda and Blake are expecting a baby in November. Lisa and Kyle in September. We are excited. Take Care, Love, Great Aunt Carole