Monday, May 2, 2016

Capture the Flag/ Ants - Portmore, Jamaica

Hello everyone,
This week flew by. The highlight was definitely today. We had a dual zone pday. We went to an old fort and played capture the flag. My team won every time, of course. haha But it was way fun. I haven't hit any dogs this week, but I did find some of the biggest rottweilers in the world. All of the signs said it was mean, but i pet it and it was super nice. haha We do something called the Book of Mormon test with those kind of dogs. We show them the Book of Mormon instead of our hands at first. We do this so we can see if they are mean. Dwayne is doing really good he is telling everyone about the Priesthood. He is a new investigator that we found last week. Over all a good week. 
I love you all,
Elder Davis

Ya, i got the package with the go pro. I got one from Kimberly, too. The ants got into both of them, but i did get my go pro.

The ants ate the Pringles, so I'm going to buy some. We are going to skype at DJ and Akeem's house. They have an Xbox one.

There isn't any memory on the go pro. Ya, all the missionaries thought the jeep safari shirt  was hilarious. I am going to buy a chip for it, and I don't have any mounts for it.

Port Antonio Beach
Capture the Flag - Two Zone PDay

Old Mission Capture the Flag

This is Karl Rasta Cat man he has tons of cats. He is a member.

Book of Mormon Test

Getting Ready for Capture the Flag

Old Fort in Port Antonio

Kingston Zone and Spanish Town Zone 

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  1. Very cool. Enjoy your visit with your family on Mother's day