Monday, May 16, 2016

We Ate Cow Feet! - Portmore, Jamaica

Hello everyone!
It's me again. This week was good. It went by fast. We were fed cow foot this week. It is really weird. It is just skin bones and fat. when the people weren't looking, i gave what i didn't eat to the dog haha. It actually didn't taste to bad, but the texture was just horrible. I am going to find a herd of goats this week and get a picture of them.I bought the seat this week. It is so nice. I almost ran over another dog, but it got away. We have found a lot of really cool people this week. So, we will be working with them. I am excited for that. That is all for this week. 
I love you all,
Elder Davis

My street...

My street again..

My bike with the stickers on it. (from the Easter Jeep Safari)

My new, huge, seat!

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