Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mother Day Skype - 8 months

The members are great! He is happy! His clothes and shoes are holding up. He is buying a big seat for his bike. The members feed them every Sunday. The area has a lot more neighborhoods than Negril. He has been cooking BBQ chicken all week. He found some boneless chicken to cook. He was so excited. He was at DJ and Akeem's house. He loves the people. He asked a lot about movies and video games. A man on the street threatened to baptize him and his companion. Haha His bike is running well. He had the zika virus last week. :( He is feeling better now. The rasta guys always yell at them "White Man". He said they just yell back "Black man". haha His bike is running good. The best thing in Jamaica is the bag juice. You tear them open and drink out of a bag. He said it tastes like thawed otter pops. He loves them. They have huge bugs there. The centipedes are gigantic and they are poisonous. The banana spiders can get the size of both of your hands. They aren't poisonous though. He said he never feels scared, he only feels uncomfortable sometimes. Like he needs to get out of a certain situation. He misses restaurants and wants a big, greasy hamburger. They only have roadside food huts. So, there are no restaurants. They take the big yellow bus (yellow shark) to Kingston and through their area. It is only one bill (or $1.00) American money. They call their money bills. The kids' school uniforms look like they are in the military. They showed us one. The elders are not allowed to wear sunglasses. The people think they are CIA, if they wear them. So, you need a medical excuse to wear sunglasses. His companion is from Bountiful, Elder Knight. When he comes back he isn't getting married right away. He wants to catch up on movies, video games, hang out with his family for awhile. Tyler asked him if he wanted to go on a trip when he gets back for Sayre's graduation. He just wants to go back to Jamaica. Looks like we might be spending Christmas or Thanksgiving 2017 in the Caribbean. :) He has been out for 8 months today! He misses everyone, but is being blessed. He was definitely meant to be called to Jamaica.

Brodey, DJ, and Akeem
DJ's school uniform
Trying to get the sound to work,,
DJ, Akeem, and their father
Elder Knight and Elder Davis
An almond she picked off the tree
Brother and Sister Clark
DJ and Akeem's family

DJ and Akeenm's family
That smile, though :)

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