Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Head Wound and Goats! - Portmore, Jamaica

Yo wut is up everyone!
This week was pretty good. We have been finding a lot. Yesterday we were tracting, and everyone was giving us mangos. So, that was pretty awesome. I made mango juice. Today we are going to do what we call Taminuseday. Dominoes has buy one get one free pizza, and we are going to play monopoly. Dj and Akkeem are doing good. I think their mom and dad are having marriage trouble. So, keep them in your prayers. Here they take labor day way serious. Everyone was outside working on something. So that was cool. We found a pretty cool guy yesterday. We are going to start teaching him. Hopefully all goes well. Bro Watson ,another investigator, should be getting baptized sometime next month. So, that is exciting. That is all for this week. 
I love you all,
Elder Davis

I lost my exercise shoes so i bought a new pair.

I cut my head open last monday. It wasn't bad it was mostly sore. So I put cold bag juice on it haha

There was a window that i stood up into.

Jamaica Sunrise

Goats everywhere

More goats

Even more goats

That is patrick ,one of the members, he fell asleep when we are visiting this old less active guy.


Basketball hoop on the street corner. 


more mangos

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