Monday, April 4, 2016

Ugly & Cutie - Portmore, Jamaica

Hello everyone,
General conference was great. We watched it at church. On saturday morning, we went to the store and bought a ton of chips and drinks. haha It was awesome. We ate all of it during conference. My bike tire blew out saturday evening. So we are getting that fixed today. We also washed the neighbors puppies. They have two of them. We named them Ugly and Cutie. Ugly only has 3 legs. When we washed them there were bugs all over them. Hopefully, we got them all off. DJ and Akeem are getting baptized this Sunday. So, that is exciting. Akeem walked by himself to General Conference it was so cool. He is a future missionary for sure. I love you all,
Elder Davis

We don't know our neighbors but their puppies always break into our yard. 

I had my first jerk chicken. It was so good.

I am still losing weight. I could use some protein and some 26 size tire tubes. 

This is ugly
Washing Cutie
Washing Cutie

My district
The Kitchen
The Study Room

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