Monday, June 13, 2016

9 Months Out - Murderers, Gangs, People have Tough Lives

Hello everyone.
This week flew by. Time is really flying by. Stake Conference was great. I saw a bunch of people from Portmore so that was awesome. I didn't see DJ and Akkeem, but i saw their mom there. There were two 70s that came from Salt Lake so that was pretty cool. There were so many people that they made all the missionaries sit on the floor in the primary room. haha Rosa parks type stuff. haha jk. Oh ya and we are teaching a murderer. Well we are not anymore. He is just 15 and he got affiliated with a gang. I guess the gang said either one of them could live, or they would kill them both. So he killed his friend. so ya fun stuff. It makes a crazy story to tell, but on the other side of things we have a lot of really cool people that we are working with. We have a bunch set for baptisms. There are some hills. I think I am loosing weight. So that's good. That's a little about my week.

I love you all
Elder Davis

Ya,there are a lot of gangs. The gangs  like the missionaries, so they protect us all over the island. Ya, that was insane i couldn't believe it when he told us.

I am good. It is hot here though. I am constantly sweating bullets.

No mail this week. The members feed us every Thursday and Monday.

                                   My two favorite members from Portmore, Donald and Patrick

                                    Shortman  and his bathroom. He lives in the ghetto.

                                                                      A jack fruit

                                       Bishop Skarlet and a random missionary

                 Brodey's first companion, Elder Aguirre and his current companion, Elder Wilson

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