Monday, June 27, 2016

Faith - Spanish Town, Jamaica

The people here are pretty genuine. A lot of the members here are kind of lazy, but there are a lot of really cool ones. Bro Harrison is a teacher and there is one that is curator for the Jamaican Money Museum. The shoes I bought are kind of small, but they should work. If anything, I'll buy some here it is cheaper. There are three dogs in our yard the are getting ticks. I pulled off some of the big ones. They are named Chancho, Tinkink, and Rachel. I'll get pictures of them next week. The investigators are going kind of slow. Brother Anderson was supposed to get baptized on the third, but there is some problem with his water bill that is stressing him out. He wants his life to be perfect before baptism, and he has no faith that the Lord will help him if he gets baptized. We are going to go build his faith hard core next time we see him. That is a little piece of my week. 
I love you all,
Elder Davis

We help the members do family history, either in there home or at the church. There are jerk stands everywhere. I'll take a picture this week. I have to go now. I love you. Tell ever one i said "Hi".

I wish I could have been at the funeral. She(his great grandma) is watching over all of us now.

We Found Some Weed...haha

Cake and Ice Cream... Soooo Good!

Motorcycles They Ride Here

Jerk Chicken and Bread
President Brown's Last Week P-Day

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