Monday, June 6, 2016

Hectic Week! - Spanish Town, Jamaica

 Hello Everyone!
It's Pday once again. This week was good hectic, but good. I am on the outskirts of Spain town. So, that is good it is pretty bushy. I tried jack fruit for the first time this week, and I had my first real Jamaican jerk chicken. We found a guy that does voodoo and stuff. haha It has been a good week. I was sick on Wednesday my stomach was upset. So, i thought i was just going to sleep for like an hour, but when i woke up it was like 6 at night. oops! I feel a lot better. Over all it has been a good week this week.

I love you all!
Elder Davis

My companion is good. He is not from Utah so thats good, haha. He is from Texas.

No mail yet.

I think i am going to get sunglasses. today but ya im good. I sent a package to you last Pday. It was sent by surface so idk how long it will take.

The apartment is kind of gross. We have to flush the toilet with a clothes hanger the water is cold. Other than that its pretty good.

I have some weird shoes. Yes Spain Town is interesting. At least im not in town. I'm outside of it.

Sometimes there are places we cant go, but we have the nice area. There are 10 elders in Spanish town.

No, I dont really need anything. We are going to play some board games later.

Jack Fruit

Spanish Town, Jamaica (out in the bush)

Jerk Chicken and My Study Area

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