Monday, August 22, 2016

Stuck in Spanish Town/ Ugly Ties

Hello everyone. 
It's me again. I am staying in Spanish Town for 6 more weeks. Nothing too exciting happened this week. This morning Elder Galbraith climbed a coconut tree for our neighbor. That was kind of cool. Thank you for the packages and letters. Thank you everyone for your support. I put Christmas lights on my bicycle. They run on batteries. That was cool. We got invited to a Jehovah Witnesses meeting it was really weird. They all act like robots. Over all not a bad week. I am good. We are just trying to have fun in a hard area. I could use a mosquito net.
I love you all,
Elder Davis

The bike light works awesome. thanks! I will have the same companion. We aren't very excited. We found the ugliest ties we have, and we are wearing them for the rest of the time that we are in Spain town. Everyday

There is a guy getting baptized on Wednesday. He is 80 years old. His daughter is a member in the states so that is exciting. The baptism will be a good experience.

The ward is falling apart (struggling). Yesterday the teacher in Priesthood, drew symbols on the board and explained what they mean. It was bad. We are not letting him teach again. The best part of this area is the food on Sundays and Thursdays.

The bishop doesn't really know what to do with all the problems. I think he is overwhelmed. the stake president is a Chinese man. I think he is a good leader. Sometimes we have to just run things

Dinner with the members. Sunday night!

Christmas lights on my bike. My helmet broke.

Video of Elder Davis and Elder Galbraith walking to church with Obadiah.
Christmas lights on my bike.

This is our house.

scorpion, just like back home

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