Monday, August 8, 2016

Thunderstorms/ No Power - Spanish Town

Hello everyone!
Sorry for no pictures last week. The internet places here suck. I left my cord for the pics at home. I am going to try to send them later today. This week was long, lots of walking and talking. A lot of the people we had dropped us. So, we are trying to build back our teaching pool. We bought mosquito zappers. They look like tennis rackets, but they are electrified So, it has been fun to wreck all the mosquitoes in our house. Last night, our power went out. So, we didn't have fans. That was fun. The power did come back on at like two in the morning, but hey it builds character. There was a lightning storm this week, so that was cool. The lightning was all around us. A few of the strikes were close. It was pretty exciting. That is how my week went.
I love you all
Elder Davis

34 Frogs in our shower!

Elder Davis and Elder Galbraith

Julie making dinner for us

She's the best cook on the island.

Star  Wars is everywhere!

Sunset in Spanish Town, Jamaica


Sunset in Spanish Town, Jamaica

My house and My Moab Shirt

Chickens in our yard

Eating on Sundays at Julie's house

Best Food in Jamaica

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