Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Frogs - Portmore, Jamaica

Hello everyone,
It seems like a lot is happening back home. Jamaica is great. Spanish Town has been a learning experience. It is so weird here. The people are really strange, but it is funny to watch the weird people. haha President Pearson is great. He has changed a few rules, but they were unnecessary rules. He is cutting out all the unneeded stuff. It is awesome. This week was good though. Last night we caught 34 frogs and put them in our shower. haha Then we let them go in the yard. They were everywhere. haha 
I love you all,
Elder Davis

It doesn't rain everyday, but there is a tropical storm moving in. So, it has been pretty rainy lately.

What the? a BMW! You should put a turquoise racing stripe on it, Sayre.

One of the Members wearing my name tag... "Elder Davis"


Jerk Chicken Dinner!


Ginnup Fruit

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