Monday, June 12, 2017

Stitching Up A Dog - Linstead, Jamaica

Hello everyone! 
This week was good. We helped stitch up a dog's face this week. Someone chopped it in the face with a machete. So that was exciting. Stake conference was good. There is just one stake here, and it is pretty small. I saw Patrick and a bunch of other people I knew. Last monday we had a zone pday. That was fun. We played volleyball and soccer and a little basketball. Tabitha is doing good. Her dog is the one that got chopped. No mail this week. I have shoes. It was fun, I got kicked in the shin. I was going to score a goal. My comp was a spaz and just kicked as hard as he could and hit my shin instead of the ball.  But pain is an emotion! haha  I am staying in Linstead, probably for the rest of my mission.
I love you all
Elder Davis
Stitching up a Dog

Stitching up a Dog's face

Patrick and Elder Davis

Zone Conference with Old Friends :)
Nice sign :)
Julie from Spanish Town

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