Monday, June 26, 2017

It's Mango Season - Linstead, Jamaica

Hello everyone!
This week was good. We found a cool old a lady to teach. We had a lot of ackee this week. Ackee and bacon, ackee and saltfish, breadfruit, curried chicken, and fry chicken this week. It has been hot here, probably not as hot as back home but still warm. It's mango season. So I have been eating a lot of mangos. 
There is definitely a reason for the mission rules. Blessings come when you follow them. 
Fun things to do in jamaica...
1 for non-members there are all sorts of parties. 
2 go to the beach. 
3 go to the river and swim 
4 eat food. 
5 play soccer 
6 chill 
7 sit and reason and talk bad about the government. haha People just like to chill and eat. No one here likes Trump. They charge white people more for things than Jamaicans.
Love you guys
Elder Davis

Elder Davis and the kids at school
Elder Porter and Elder Davis

Elder Riding and Elder Davis

New Planner

What the?

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