Monday, June 19, 2017

Top Ten Things Not to Say in Jamaica - Linstead, Jamaica

Hello Everyone! 
This week was good. It has rained the past few days. It's sunny now. I gave a talk in sacrament meeting this week. about helping the poor and needy. So that was fun. It seems exciting in America, graduation and everything. People here are starting to end school also. We have walked a ton this week, idk how many miles. But it was a long way. We found this cool new investigator. His mom is a seventh day adventist, and she tried to bible bash me me. But it didn't work hehe. But he is cool. Linstead is great! It's not too hot. 
Top Ten ways I have changed: 
1 I now have a sure testimony of the book of Mormon and Joseph Smith. 
2 My christlike attributes have been something I have worked on. 
3 I can talk to people pretty well. 
4 I think I am more mature. 
5 I know how to do laundry. 
6 I cook better 
7 I can iron a shirt.... idk what else. 
Top 10 things not to say in Jamaica: 
1 Donald Trump is a good guy 
2 Jesus is white 
3 Don't say anything about anyone or anything gay. 
4 Bash Obama... they love him. 
5 Weed is bad for you. people say it's the healing of the nations 
6 Don't ever make the pssst noise because they think it means you want to break the law of chastity. idk? haha idk know what else. 
Top 10 popular names in Jamaica: 
1 Keisha 
2 Dwyane 
3 Kevin 
4 Aundre 
5 Jermaine 
6 Jerome 
7 Shawna Kay 
8 Davis is a common last name. 
9 David 
10 Bible names, Book of Mormon and New Testament names 
I love you all,
Elder Davis

He might need a rain coat :)

My ties!

Missionaries Collect Ties

New Shoes - 

It has been raining a lot this week!

At Church in Linstead

Brodey, Elder Shafer, Elder Knight, Brother Muschette at church

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