Monday, September 5, 2016

Coconut Drops and Bag Juice - Spanish Town, Jamaica

Hello everyone,
This week was an emotional roller coaster haha. We started figuring out how to make good soup. We also made coconut drops. They were so good. You get pieces of coconut and boil it with sugar water until it gets syrupy. Then poor it out in cookie sizes. It is so good. We went on trade offs this week. I was with Elder Porter. That was good. He basically said it is impossible to find anyone by tracting. So, we are just going to start working with all the less actives. Hopefully, they have friends for us to teach. That is how my week went.
Love you all
Elder Davis

I'm good feeling better. Zone conference was good Elder Gonzales, from the area presidency, came and talked. I got my package.

 Yes the backpack will work. It is big, so i can fit my groceries in it.

We put chicken, potatoes, yams, pumpkin, carrot, a scotch bonnet pepper, and soup mix to make Jamaican soup. It is pretty nice.

I did take pictures this week, but i left my camera at home. I will try to send some pictures later today. My bike is good. There are just a couple things that are kind of shaky. 

Today, we are going to buy lots of bag juice. I'm sending a package with some shoes for Sayre's birthday. There is some hot sauce and Jamaican soda in it too. I'm going to send one after that with bag juice in it.

I should be good with money. The bag juices are soooooo goood. They cant sell them in the states, because there is too much sugar in them.

For my year mark we are going to burn lots of stuff.

We are hoping to move. We have the number for some apartments. We are going to give it to the mission office. 

Eating at Julie's house. (He wasn't feeling good he is sick with a fever and a cold)

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