Monday, September 12, 2016

One Year in Jamaica - Shirt Burning!

Hello everyone! 
This week was good. I burned a lot of stuff haha. We also made more coconut drops. They are so good. We have been working with all the less actives. Yesterday we took everyone coconut drops. They thought it was funny that white people can do Jamaican stuff haha. That is basically how our week went. Today we are going to play ping pong. I'm going to order pizza. I got a gopro memory card, and I tried to use it. I'll see if it worked in a second. I am feeling better still have a cough, but I'm good. 
Love you All,
Elder Davis
(He also sent three videos. They are on his Facebook page.)

One year! Burning my shirt!

Bag Juice in the Freezer

light sabers

light sabers

banana spider

Jerk Chicken

Shirt Burning!

Our kitchen

coconut balls
Making coconut balls 

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