Monday, September 19, 2016

Staying Positive in Spanish Town

Hello everyone!
It has been another week in Spanish Town. I think my comp is depressed, so we have been trying to have fun when we can. So, we are going to play ping pong again. We made a big sign, and we are going to do a Book of Mormon stand. So, that should be fun! All of the recent converts in our area came to church last week. So that was awesome. I am just staying positive. 
Keep it real everyone,
Elder Davis

I hope I get transferred in two weeks.  We usually only stay for 4 and a half months, so i should be leaving. Hopefully, we both leave. Keisha is my neighbor she is pretty funny. She is 40 and just likes to talk to all the missionaries

No mail yet our zone leaders don't care about us. '-' 

I also asked him if he was glad he went on a mission. He said "I have learned tons, It seems like I didn't know anything before I came out. Yes, I am glad I went on a mission." 

Goats! They are everywhere :)

jerk chicken and roast fried breadfruit

​we got new mattresses so we burned the old ones. they were disgusting

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