Friday, September 30, 2016

Be Careful What you Pray For - Hurricane Matthew (Pray for the Jamaican Missionaires)

I am emailing today because of the hurricane. Not much has happened this week yet, but I am excited for general conference. I am pretty sure I am staying in spain town. The zls told Elder Galbraith that he was leaving, and I was staying. We don't know who i am getting though. I'm hoping that I get transferred and I'm not. There is a slight chance. we might email Monday maybe depending on the weather. I am good. We got food today they told us to buy extra, and we have lots of water. I think we will just stay home Sunday and Monday. Our house is all cement. I'm not nervous about the hurricane,  I actually prayed for a hurricane a while ago to humble the people. I will take pictures. It should be exciting.
I love you all,
Elder Davis

This is a letter from his mission president....
Dear Parents of our Elder and Sister Missionaries,

As you are probably already aware, Hurricane Matthew will likely pass over  or be very near to Jamaica on Sunday and Monday.  Let me assure you that my number one priority as a Mission President is the welfare of our missionaries.  As such, we will be in full “Hurricane Prep” mode for the next two days.

Every missionary will be doing their Monday P-day activities early, either today or tomorrow – this includes stocking up with a weeks’ worth of food and water, as well as emailing each of you.  We are moving all the Sister Missionaries into Kingston or Mandeville and moving those missionaries that serve in coastal areas, or areas that are likely to flood, to higher and safer ground.

As parents, you should be very proud of your sons and daughters!  Elder Gonzalez, President of the Caribbean Area, said that in all his decades of doing mission tours he has never seen such obedient and capable missionaries.  I concur with his assessment.

I have faith that the Lord has called us, as well as each of your sons and daughters, to serve here in Jamaica at this time for a reason.  We will overcome every challenge as we love, serve and grow in the Gospel.  Sister Pearson and I ask for your continued prayers.  If you can, we ask that you join with our missionaries in our daily 6:30 a.m. prayer.  The heavens will take note of the more than 200 additional fervent prayers uniting with those of our 100 missionaries and we will be blessed.

President and Sister Pearson

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